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I’m a co-founder and Chief Creative of lgcldesigns, a small startup partnership that focuses on developing innovative, deceptively simple products that resolve some of life’s everyday hassles. Our first product, SIMPLcase, was successfully Kickstarted in early 2013.

Please check out the lgcldesigns photo logo square website for more info!

For examples of my design work, for now please jump over to my portfolio on Coroflot.com

I am a design generalist. Starting with a solid mechanical engineering and manufacturing foundation, I have built a diverse and somewhat unorthodox career in product design and development. Regardless of industry, product type, or materials, I apply artistic skills, project management, understanding of users and human factors, and solid research, combined with years of practical hands on experience to rapidly turn concepts into actionable prototypes and products. I have worked with both low volume, labor intensive as well as high volume, highly mechanized manufacturing, in both soft and hard goods.

I am a citizen of two countries, speak two languages (English and Mandarin Chinese), and have traveled throughout Asia, Europe, and North America, developing a myriad of products with diverse customers. I love what I do, and I’m always ready for a new challenge.

My skill set includes:

  • industrial design
  • product development
  • project management
  • user-centered research
  • mechanical engineering
  • production sourcing


  1. Hello Simon.. Whilst I agree this is a long shot.. If ya don’t ask ya don’t get!!..I have been in the process of restoring a Dazon Raider 1100cc Buggy 2007.. And I have emailed half the known world for specs and parts.. With little or no help.. I love this buggy and I hope you can help me out with any information you have on it. Like what engine is it I know its Suzuki based but that’s all I can gather.. Many thanks for reading this.. and more still for a reply.. Regards Duanne

    • Hi Duanne,

      Do you already have a copy of the owner’s manual? http://www.dazon-motor.com/pdf/dragon-1100-manual.pdf

      The model of engine is specified near the end of the manual. It’s of course Chinese made, but Suzuki parts may work for it. Not sure who is still servicing this buggy, since the company Dazon / People’s Motor was sold years back to another motorsports company (sorry, don’t know who since I left before it happened). Dazon also exported the Raider Extreme to Europe, and there may be greater support for it overseas. Sorry I can’t be of more help. If you can’t get anywhere else, you can try to look up and connect with Terry Chia, who was Dazon’s head of US operations. He’s still in Scottsdale, AZ.

      Good Luck!


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